MediaExplorer's television directory spans six DVD video disks and features over eleven hours of television from hundreds of broadcasters around the world. Digital television from stations broadcasting in a multitude of languages including English, Arabic, French, Indonesian and Chinese are profiled and presented with their original reception quality.

MediaExplorer introduces an amazing variety of world television stations and will guide you to programing as diverse as Japanese wrestling and Friday prayers live from Mecca. MediaExplorer features world music choices from a diverse range of cultures including Bedouin Music from the Arabian Peninsular and Gamelan Ensembles from Indonesia.

Interested in current affairs and news? MediaExplorer guides you to news stations broadcasting in all major languages. Tune into war zones and other "breaking news" locations to gain a local or alternative perspective of foreign news and events.

By selecting the subtitles option on your DVD player MediaExplorer will display the broadcaster's name and location. Detailed background about the broadcaster is available within the companion DVD-ROM content.

MediaExplorer is designed for maximum compatibility with DVD Home Theatre Systems, Portable DVD Players as well as Playstation 2 and X-Box consoles.

MediaExplorer DVDs can also be played in personal computer DVD video players.

With a number of new satellites being launched for our region in 2005 & 2006, the diverse choice of views, education and entertainment received by satellite will continue to expand at a phenomenal rate.

MediaExplorer is a full multimedia catalogue of free-to-air signals available from major regional satellites to backyards in Australia and New Zealand. With six DVD video disks and the companion dvd-rom content, MediaExplorer features over eleven hours of world television and fourteen hours of radio from hundreds of broadcasters around the planet.
The Guide to Fresh and Original Global Television