What is MediaExplorer?

Many of us living in Australia or New Zealand don't realise that each second our backyards are being bombarded by thousands of microwave signals. These signals are transmitted from satellites 37,000 kilometers above us in the cold vacuum of space. By capturing these mysterious microwave signals you can embark on an amazing journey of exploration.

Discover new people, customs and cultures. Watch foreign news and current affairs with a local perspective rather than a distant western vantage. Experience exotic music, language and an alternative view of life.

Technology now allows us to embark on a new virtual journey, welcome to the world of free-to-air digital satellite reception.

With a number of new satellites being launched for our region in 2006, the diverse choice of views, education and entertainment received by satellite will continue to expand at a phenomenal rate.

MediaExplorer is a full multimedia catalogue of free-to-air signals available from major regional satellites to backyards in Australia and New Zealand. With six DVD video disks and the companion dvd-rom content, MediaExplorer features over eleven hours of world television and fourteen hours of radio from hundreds of broadcasters around the planet.
Earth Television Network
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Web-cams cover almost all corners of the earth bringing live views of cities, beaches, highways and even goldfish bowls. Unfortunately web-cams often only present a low resolution image which may only be updated every thirty to sixty seconds.

A dramatic improvement on the web-cam concept is the Earth TV Network, a series of un-manned, live, high quality video cameras that pan and zoom across some of the most interesting views on the planet. There are even cameras in our part of the world with six locations in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Hamilton Island, Philip Island, Hobart and the Murray River) and Auckland's Viaduct Harbour in New Zealand. International camera locations span five continents offering views including London, Dubai, Paris, New York and Niagara Falls.
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Earth TV - the global network of live video-cams
New Zealand TV news live across the Asia-Pacific

A feed of Television New Zealand's One News is a welcome addition to the free-to-air television offerings on Panamsat 2. The feed is not intended for direct-to-home viewing, the exact reason why the 6PM nightly news from Auckland is being transmitted across the Asia-Pacific is yet to be confirmed. Some free-to-air satellite viewers have conjectured that the daily broadcast is being directed to television stations in the South Pacific, while others are wondering if the signal is intended for the inhabitants of New Zealand's Antarctica outpost, Scott Base.  The crew at Scott Base are the ultimate expats, spending their six month tours of duty  in the freezing cold, largely cut off from the rest of the world often amid months of darkness. Read more ...
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MediaExplorer is a virtual travel guide, directing you to distant remote lands and intriguing new cultures. Do you also share an interest in the latest free-to-air satellite channel movements? If so then make sure you visit our sister website www.satdirectory.com